Welcome to the Woking Green Party!

The Woking branch of the Green Party was launched in September 2014 by a small, passionate group of Green Party members living in the Woking area.

Current members come from a variety of backgrounds including teaching, computer programming, management and marketing and all have a common desire to see a change in the current political status quo.

The aims of the Woking Green Party are:

  • To bring about long-term positive change in Woking by creating sustainable, safe and healthy communities.
  • To fight for the ideals of grass roots democracy - giving the local communities within Woking the power to make the decisions that affect them most.
  • To empower local residents and local businesses to actively engage with, and change, local politics.
  • To get Greens elected into all levels of government to enact real, sustainable change that benefits everyone and not just the few.

The branch meets regularly and commits to always use fair and sustainable green principles when dealing with the many issues important to local residents.

Woking is a community which already shares many of the Green Party's aims and values. This can be seen in the strong Fairtrade movement, campaigns to keep the Green Belt and the move of the WWF to Woking.

The current backlash against local government regarding the Sheerwater regeneration also highlights the need and desire for local communities to be more involved in the political processes that affect them.

This Green sentiment is the base on which the Party builds on as they continue meeting local residents and campaigning on local issues.

If you would like to get involved and play a part in bringing about sustainable change to Woking Borough, or just want to find out more, please contact the Woking Green Party Secretary.

Please browse this site to discover more about us and our Party.